• [WASD] (Player 1) and [ARROW KEYS] (player2) to move.
  • HOLD [G] (Player 1) and [/] (Player2) to use your fish-pulling tractor beam.
  • [P] to toggle between single and multiplayer game modes while in the menu.

How To Play

  • Alien fish collectors will offer you bounties if you catch what they want.
  • Each bounty has a picture of the fish and the prize money.
  • You will be competing with your red rival.
  • Get as many of the bounty fish into your green portal as you can within the time limit.


Retro synth - 80/90's by Fred Patry (Background Music)
Link: Unity Asset Store
AuthorRob Hoff
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Development log


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I think the latest patch may have disabled the first players ability to use the tractor beam. Player 1 cannot use tractor beam anymore, I tried this playing against CPU and against a second player.


Are you using G? I changed the controls to try and leave more physical space between players’ hands when doing multiplayer. I just tested and seems to be working. Sorry for the confusion.


Just tried it, seems to work. you may want to update the game description, it still says to use F.


Haha, really nice game! I like the concept, the art looks nice and the soundtracks are creating the right atmosphere.

I guess now the best tactic to win is to steal every fish from the red guy, haha. 

Would be interesting to see a 2P version. Just would be necessary to add some mechanic for those fights over the fishes since now it is only who is closer is pulling harder. Maybe some collisions between players would do the trick. Or some other mechanic which will get the other player out of the way for a while.

Keep it up. Have fun. 


Thanks for the feedback! Since adding a second player should be very easy, I am hoping to add that post Jam. Follow me on itch if you want to be notified when that happens.

Try the multiplayer version!


Nice nice! Though, its kinda hard to simulate proper match, when I play simultaneously for both disks, haha. Should try when I have someone over.

Btw did you make those soundtracks?

I did not. I just added a credits section to the description with a link to the background music pack I used.

Oh, I see. So again, good choice!