Land cool tricks while chilling out


  • Your skis will accelerate downhill, towards the camera, if they are parallel with the
  •   mountain
  • Your skis will come to a stop when you are perpendicular (sideways) to the mountain
  • Rotate your skis with A and D or the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys
  • Jump onto rails with W, SPACE, or the UP arrow
  • Pause with P
  • Controls feel backwards? Flip them in the options menu!


  • Check the tricktionary for a list of tricks to do, but don't feel limited to only these
  • Land a trick and you will gain points and a score multiplier
  • Landing on a rail or facing downhill will keep your combo going
  • Landing perpendicular to the mountain or going off the trail will end your combo
  • Score attack gives you a few rails to hit
  • Endless is just that, keep it going for as long as you want

Play Testers

  • Owen Ward

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